The Perfect Jewelry for Your Navy Dress

The navy dress has been a staple of fashion for centuries. The British Royal Navy adopted a dark blue officer's uniform in 1748. Since then the color has been introduced to a variety of fashion staples, including women's dresses. Navy blue is great for a casual day dress and stunning as an evening gown. 
Navy blue gowns adorn the red carpet. Images: Getty Images

Top celebrities have been seen wearing this timeless color on the red carpet, such as Salina Gomez, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Laurence, Julianne Moore, Kim Kardashian, and Kate Middleton — just to name a few. But the ever pressing question remains, what jewelry goes best? It’s dark, but not quite black. So what jewelry metals, styles, and colors go best with navy — without clashing or getting lost with its dark blue hue?

We made a list of the most desirable jewelry styles to pair with either a high-fashion navy gown or fun fashionable dark blue party dress.  

The Style: Adorn Your Navy Dress with High-Style Pearls

What is the perfect accessory for a classic, timeless look? Pearls, of course! This look was popularized by Princess Diana herself and has secured it's corner as fashion's most elegant, regal look. 


Diana seen here with just a few of her classic navy dresses wearing pearls. Image: Capital Pictures

And we see it duplicated time and time again on by popular fashion bloggers, Pinterest outfit suggestions, by your friends, and by anyone who's feeling a classic look. The dark navy blue brings out cream and white pearls in a way that no other color can accomplish. It's hard to know whether someone is dressing up their pearls with navy or complimenting their navy dress with pearls.  


What makes this combination stellar, is that not only is it timeless -- it's ageless as well. 

Our Take: Short Pearl Necklaces Say Chic!

These pearl necklaces are the perfect compliment to your navy dress! They sit above the bust and bring the attention to your neck and shoulders. This adds a sense of classy elegance to your outfit. And to add a modern twist, we accent our pearl necklaces with 24K gold. A perfect combo for anything Navy!

Featured above - Studio L Jewelry's most popular choker and collar freshwater pearl necklaces, in the order that they appear left to right:

Carol - Classic triple strand pearl necklace

Brooke - Elegant two strand pearl necklace with gold hoop pendant

Bella - Chic single strand pearl necklace with gold pendant


Another Take: Pair Your Pearls with 24K Earrings

Featured above - Studio L Jewelry's most popular choker and collar freshwater pearl jewelry sets, in the order that they appear left to right:

Sarah - A jewelry set with Carol necklace and our classic Gabriella earrings 

Natalia - Make the Sarah set complete with this five strand pearl and gold bracelet

Valerie - A jewelry set with Bella necklace and our stylish Faith earrings


The Style: Rich Gold Jewelry to Compliment Dark Blue

No metal or color compliments navy blue better then the deep golden hue of 24K gold. The combination creates a rich and powerful effect that is also elegant and feminine. Not sure if navy and gold are a perfect match? Just ask Kate Beckinsale, Rachel Zoe, and Eva Shockey!


Navy blue, when worn as a dress with 24K gold is all about sophistication and high-style. It's the perfect way of taking what can easily be a casual, common color, and turning it into a fashion statement.   


Our Take: 24K Gold Heart Jewelry Sets


The 24K gold hearts add some fun and playfulness to your navy look. The warm golden hue of these earrings and necklaces contrast beautifully with cool dark blue, making them shine brightly. 

Featured above - Studio L Jewelry's most popular 24K gold heart jewelry sets, in the order that they appear left to right:

Samantha - A jewelry set with Magdalena gold necklace and Riley gold earrings

Katherine - A jewelry set with Avery gold earrings and Violet gold necklace

Alma - A jewelry set with Eliana gold necklace and Riley gold earrings


Another Take: All Gold Simple Yet Elegant Gold Necklaces


Featured above - Studio L Jewelry's most popular 24K gold necklaces, in the order that they appear left to right: 

Marilyn - Stunning and delicate 24K gold layered necklace

Naomi - Lightweight and classy 24K gold long necklace 

Ruth -  Classic and simple 24K gold collar necklace

It's All About Your Personal Style

We believe that fashion is a way to express yourself and your sense of style. The fun thing about a classic navy outfit is that you can never go wrong combining different jewelry pieces, so we urge you to experiment. Play with pearls, precious metals, crystals, different lengths, chunky and delicate. What we can all learn from great designers is the value of surprise and the beauty of originality.

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