Crystal Jewelry – 24K Gold Brilliance

At Studio-L Jewelry, we are happy to give our valued clientele the personal attention they deserve. Our clients do not have to be wealthy to look and feel good.  Our standard offering is 24K gold plated jewelry that rest on a brass base.  A metal base is necessary as 24K Gold is quite soft and consequently, can easily become deformed or bent out of shape.

Moreover, plated brass is durable and can last a lifetime.  Using 14K Gold without a base is a less-preferred option, as it does not have the same rich gold hue of 24K gold.  Moreover, as 14K is not used that often, 24K stands out as unique and rich.

Given that 24K gold jewelry (also) resonates a brilliant yellow color, they are more warm-toned than most other types of jewelry.  Studio-L Jewelry contains more weight in gold, so their 24K jewelry will accordingly be more cherished than jewelry of the same weight but of lesser purity.

Gold is not for you?

We offer 925 silver-plated  brass jewelry. Silver-plated jewelry is made up of a thin layer of silver that covers a base metal, often brass.   All silver-plated jewelry will tarnish at some point through daily wear. The exposed layer of silver will react with the surrounding air to change the piece’s color.

Silver plated jewelry is actually crafted together with other kinds of material such as copper, nickel, pewter or brass, all of which are coated with a very thin layer of silver. Moreover, sterling silver is made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% additives (copper, nickel or a combination of metals).

Silver does not rust since as a metal, it is not iron-based. However, some silver-plated jewelry may contain a measure of iron in its plate, and therefore can be susceptible to rust.  In most cases, what might appear as being "rust" on a silver or a silver-plated surface may actually be tarnish.

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