Crystal Jewelry – Growing Together

What makes Crystal Jewelry so popular?  Simply speaking, Crystal’s natural states can make your special loved one happy and being happy makes for a healthy relationship.  So, perhaps we can say that crystals were created for love by virtue of their natural shapes.

A Crystal “habit” is an external shape formed by a single crystal or together as part of a group of crystals.  Crystals teach us that building good habits is a natural way of building a lasting and loving relationship. Let’s consider four types of crystal:  Hopper, Radiating, Granular and Massive. 


Hopper crystals, for a start, are partially formed crystals that have experienced more rapid growth on their outer edges than in the center of the crystal. This leads to them eventually being well-developed on the outer edges, but less developed or "hollow" in the center.  Loving relationships depend on us developing our hollow selves so that we may give more to our partner than we receive.

Radiating crystals aggregate and grow outwards from a central point. They consist of multiple crystals growing in diverging directions. Radiating crystals teach us about the dangers of ignoring or forgetting one’s spouse. Relationships can only thrive when both parties grow together and in the same direction.  This means taking account and even conceding to each other’s needs and wants.

Granular crystals are a family of many rounded or equant anhedral crystals of approximately the same size.  They may be loose or interlocking.  In the same way, close relationships lead to happy families, where the parents love their children whether and when they may be loose or interlocking

Massive crystals have no distinctive geometry. Samples of almost every mineral type do not exhibit an obvious pattern or form.  In the same way, children grow up and develop in myriads of ways and over different periods of time.  Couples must be united so that they may be able to share the massive responsibility of raising loving and healthy children.

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