Studio L Jewelry, launched by Jewelry Connoisseur and Entrepreneur Liora Elhanani, delivers elegant light-weight handmade pieces inspired by the essence of The Holy Land, a sacred area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea in the modern State of Israel and surrounding landmarks, representing longevity, valiantness, and grace.

Handcrafted by select Israeli designers, the jewelry ranges from premium materials from 24K Gold and 925 Sterling Silver plated brass materials, Swarovski Crystals, freshwater pearls, resins, and fabrics, all skillfully designed to accessorize for anytime of day, season, or occasion.

With over a decade of experience curating the best collections for customers, Studio L Jewelry produces small quantities as a dedication to quality of beautifully refined pieces of jewelry. From dainty to chunky, the sophisticated pieces are statement-makers, distinctively created for a unique cosmopolitan appearance to compliment personal styles and fashion.

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