Bridal Jewelry – Does it need to be a Ring?

Tradition has always been that the man presents to his fiancée with a wedding ring, in the presence of a judge or cleric who presides over a marriage ceremony. For many, this would be the second ring to the bride after the engagement ring.  Putting tradition aside for a moment, who says that a couple cannot be engaged with any (other) form of jewelry?  Fine, so a tennis chain or bracelet might only be fitting for a Chris Evert.  But would not a Short Gold Chain Necklace solidify an engagement just as much as a ring, if not more?  The options are numerous.  Just think of the possibilities – Gold Name Necklaces, Crystal Bracelets and even earrings that will make a wedding statement and so forth.  However, a choker will not be fitting (doesn’t sound good either), while a stud earing might be too masculine.

What about a Second Marriage?

Why not?!  Whether it be through divorce or bereavement, it is still a special moment - a time to move forward once again.  Second marriages should never be viewed as anything less special than the first.   For a second wedding gift, consider a special Gold and Black Heart Necklace with Earrings, which is a playful design that combines classic gold heart pendants with black hearts.  Notwithstanding, any Jewelry Set will be appreciated.   Take for example, a Sparkling Necklace with Earrings set, which features gold, silver and black wires of different lengths tied together. Alternatively, consider a Lovable Gold Hearts Necklace and Earrings made of 24K gold plated brass.   Otherwise, stick with the contemporary style wire twigs necklace plus earrings.

Hey, Man, You Can’t Lose

Are you reading this page because you are looking for that special chain design for a special woman?  Say, like a cultured pearl gold chain, or simply a friendship bracelet?  Well, you landed on the right page, man!  Really, jewelry is a woman’s best friend – when she’s alone.  Open yourself up and share your life with that special one.  Check out the essentials.

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