Celebrity Jewelry – Diamonds are NOT Forever

So, what’s in a name?  For the Hollywood crowd, it’s diamonds.  If you are seeking to own a diamond ring, then all you need to do is become a celebrity.  No, really!  Have you ever seen a media celeb on television?  You can’t miss them.  They flash their diamond earrings over their medium and it really leaves an impression.  Why?  Most likely for the paparazzi.  They truly believe that diamonds are forever. 

Yet, the divorce rate among this clique is 52% -- twice the national average or 26%.  Go figure, right?  Well, the reason is because true marriage is about giving – not movie ratings.  Diamonds are not forever.

Sterling Silver Jewelry, however, is Forever

Sterling Silver brightens anybody’s day.  Designed with love and made by hand, Studio L Jewelry’s Silver Heart Necklace is a serious piece of jewelry. How so?  Hammered Metal Heart together with 925 silver plated brass makes this built to last.  Pendants, brooches, and rings often use silver for setting rare gems in place.  Studio L Jewelry’s true love for silver is infectious and will cast a spell on every male who desires to make his spouse happy everlastingly.  When taken care of correctly, sterling silver jewelry can last you a lifetime.  Savvy sterling silver owners know that their pieces can look exactly the same even after forty years!

So, consider giving your celebrity loved one a Silver Heart Necklace, a classic pendant necklace with a little touch of contemporary design. The cute metal heart hangs off center for a playful and updated look. The elegant silver color goes with any outfit.   Get wired with modern silver hoop earrings or get hammered with metal disc earrings.  Even better, go for the best with Sterling Silver, a metal alloy based jewelry that is more resistant to scratches. 



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